Now, you'll know why I've worked on mental health startups for the past 5 years, referring to myself as a "science witch," and why anxiety is not a curse but rather a gift.
    Hi! I'm Sia Science Witch.
    I believe anxiety is a gift, and I can prove it.
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      About me
      Hey there, I'm Sia Marinich, and my Belarusian passport says I'm 30 years old. It's a great age, and I'm really enjoying it. Right now, I'm a digital nomad, splitting my time between Indonesia and the US with my awesome biohacker hubby and our cats.

      I am the CEO of CenterMe, a mental health startup that uses science-proven self-therapy tools to help women cope with anxiety. Together with therapists, we have adapted the process of treating anxiety to meet the needs of modern women and cultural trends. Our platform provides a cozy and atmospheric environment that you can try out.

      My Mission
      "My mission is to help women overcome anxiety, self-doubt, and their inner critic, which can prevent them from reaching their full potential. I believe that women with anxiety have a great gift — a lot of energy that they can use for anything they want. We just need to learn how to manage worry with cognitive-behavioral therapy."
      I've been working in mental health technology for 5 years as a product manager. My goal is to make it easier for women to get help with their mental health. So, I worked at a great Flo Health startup before. Now, I'm making the CenterMe App - Anxiety Assistant for Women.

      Also, I am a certified Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Specialist (Certificate №36607/23). I started studying psychotherapy at the age of 19. Over 70 hours of personal therapy and 100 hours with a group helped me deal with my anxious mind, build a wonderful family, and work at my dream job (helping people). I currently work in individual practice as a counselor or coach in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

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      7 Facts About Me
      1. My favorite and lucky number is 13.
      2. My top 3 favorite movies are Her, Captain Fantastic, and Arrival. I also love movies made by the Nolan brothers.
      3. I enjoy challenging my fears by climbing the highest mountains ( I've already conquered two peaks in Europe), diving with sharks, or facing rejection from strangers.
      4. I love nature and animals. I feel a direct connection and love, especially for cats and snakes.
      5. Friends are just as important to me as romantic relationships, so I always make time to meet with my friends.
      6. I am good with numbers: I like to collect and analyze data. I know the difference between correlation and causation.
      7. In my spare time, I dance, create mini-movies, play drums, and create a collection of associative cards to help millennials make decisions.
      About the Women-Centered Anxiety Management Blog From Science Witch
      Why Sia Science Witch?

      First, in school, I was called that and I liked it. I suppose it's the impression I give. Next, I enjoy the idea of a modern witch who uses proven psychology and technology to assist women in uncovering and embracing their true selves. To me, this blend appears as follows ✨
      What is science-based anxiety management?

      This blog is based on the most scientifically proven and tested form of modern psychotherapy — Cognitive- Behavioral Therapy (CBT). CBT is particularly effective in treating anxiety and depression, as it targets the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that are linked. Changes in one of these areas can lead to changes in the other two.

      In fact, CBT is widely recognized as the "gold standard" in anxiety treatments, as no other therapy has as much research supporting its effectiveness. For more information on anxiety treatments, visit
      Why women?

      I am writing about scientifically proven tools for managing anxiety and stress using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

      My focus is on adapting these tools for modern women from cultural and physiological perspectives, as there are notable differences. The following study provides evidence.

      Anxiety disorders are twice as common in women (read more) and are on the rise. This issue of increasing anxiety and neurosis in women is a personal call to action for me. I cannot ignore it. Being born a woman in a world designed by and for men can be rewarding, but it can also challenge one's mental health. That is why I have dedicated my work, mission, and passion to solving this very problem.
      Take control of your
      anxiety today!
      Try anxiety relief rituals for women
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      Why anxiety may be your gift,
      but you may not know how to use it yet?
      Anxiety is often viewed as a burden, and we try to avoid it. However, anxiety can be a gift and something that can be harnessed rather than feared.
      1. Anxiety as a sign of natural energy and strength

      With anxiety management skills, we can redirect this energy and achieve great things. This frees up energy that was consumed by anxiety, allowing us to reach our goals. Our sensitivity, intuition, and mindfulness will help us plan ahead and take steps towards success.

      2. Anxiety as a motivator for change

      It arises when we face unfamiliar or uncontrollable situations. But it can push us to take risks, try new things, and grow. By embracing anxiety, we can achieve the impossible.

      3. Anxiety as a signal of something deeper

      Anxiety can indicate deeper issues that require attention. By recognizing anxiety, we can explore the root causes of our worry and work towards resolving them. This leads to greater self-awareness, self-growth, and overall well-being.

      By redirecting energy, using it as motivation, addressing underlying issues, and embracing it, we can unlock our potential and achieve great things.
      Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm so glad you're here and I really appreciate it. I hope you find everything interesting and helpful.

      If you've got any questions or comments, just drop me a line either at or here:

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        Happy to have you on my blog!
        My name is Sia Marinich and I am a certified coach and consultant in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), as well as the CEO of CenterMe, a mental health startup.
        In this blog, I focus on learning and adapting the most effective CBT tools to help women manage anxiety, stress, and their self criticism, which can hinder them from reaching their full potential.

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