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Anxiety relief with 15 min daily rituals
Meet your personal assistant for daily anxiety relief
Nalony provides you 3 practices daily to create your own personalized ritual to balance your life.
Recommendations are curated daily, just for you and your case

Only 15 min a day to balance your life
90% of users decrease their anxiety
All because Nalony was created by therapists using proven tools based in cognitive behavioral therapy and love ❤️
My husband said he has his wife back and he is also so grateful. My children tell me 'Mommy, you're different and not always so anxious and worried'. I find myself more calm. I'm so so happy for your help. I will never forget this.'


My world became happy and brighter with all your support and guidance. My spirits felt lifted and brighter. I'm a work in progress. But you gave me a gift and I want you to know it is true.

I didn't really have any coping strategies for dealing with my anxiety, but now, I have a lot of different things that I can do for the next time I feel anxious.

Nalony combines rituals for your body, emotions and thoughts
- reflective journals
- self-care routine
- breathing and relaxing techniques
- pleasant movement
- new knowledge about yourself
Sia and Jane
Nalony Co-Founders
We turned our OCD and generalized disorder in our superpower. And now the desire to help other women deal with their anxiety is our main priority
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