Your Anxiety Level is Severe. What does it mean?
We understand these results can be worrying. But CenterMe is always here for you to help you restore balance.

Try the Online Anxiety Support Group to learn managing your thoughts, emotions, and behavior with a mental health professional. In a judgment-free environment in/out of sessions, you'll find support and people going through the same things you are.
You find it difficult to think rationally and communicate with the same efficiency as those without severe anxiety. Your anxiety brings physical discomfort. This state of mind is incredibly exhausting and destroys your mental health very quickly.
Stop worrying... Start living!
Join the online group for anxiety to be supported every step of the way:
  • 12 weeks of professionally led meetings and trainings
  • Group chat, content available 24/7
  • 20+ science-based CBT tools to find inner peace
  • Money-back guarantee, cancel subscription anytime
Online Group for Anxiety with Shannon, 6 PM - 8 PM ET, Wed. Starts May, 10.
May Special Offer
per week group meeting & training program
Money-back guarantee
We're confident in our services and the results you'll experience using our evidence-based CBT techniques. If you're ready to dedicate just 2 hours a week to easing your anxiety in group meetings, take advantage of our risk-free offer.

If you don't experience noticeable anxiety reduction within 12 weeks of completing the CenterMe group program, you'll receive a full refund within 30 days.
You're going to love this program
Panic and anxiety attacks can be absolutely debilitating, but they don't have to control your life. In this group, we will learn strategies for de-escalation, processing and coming back to a state of calm.
Get to Know Your Anxiety
Identify the specific symptoms of anxiety and panic that cause you the most distress. In this module, you will also learn about the cycle of anxiety and why you constantly feel stuck in this cycle.
Thought and Emotion Management
Learn thoughts and behavior that keep you stuck in the anxiety and panic cycle. In this module, you will identify the specific patterns that take you away from balance
Moving Through the Waves
Once you identify the behaviors you want to change, we will then learn the skills you need to take your life back from anxiety.
Skills That Will Change Your Life
This is where ALL the good stuff is! In this module, you will learn all the skills you need to manage your anxiety, face your fears, and ride the waves of panic!
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Choose your desired group and sign up for a weekly plan starting at only $59/week
How our groups work
Connect through a 15-minute call with our counselors who can help match you with the right group
Join a 2-hour session with your group at the same time each week and learn new techniques
Enjoy your homework, connect with like-minded people, and make positive changes in your life
Take-home Activities
Why group support?
Group Therapy vs. Individual Therapy
  • Find empathy
    Peers in similar situations who truly identify with you
  • More Affordable pricing
    A fraction of the cost of individual therapy
  • Professional guidance
    Vetted expert facilitators with you every step of the way
  • Simple and convenient
    Weekly video meetings, 24/7 group chat
  • Someone's always there
    Daily discussions and support in the community
  • Tools to help you grow
    Build resilience with personalized self-help exercises