2-Week Anxiety Reduction Challenge
It takes only 3 days to see the first results!

✓ 15 min a day for self-care and mindfulness

✓ 50 science-based body-mind practices

✓ 24/7 mentor support

Impressive Participant Changes
Jessica Lynn
My husband said he has his wife back and he is also so greatful. My children tell me Mommy your different and not always so anxious and worry. I find myself more calm and we now play the music on our hallway before bed and my kids also relax and fall asleep quick. I'm so so happy for your help. I will never forget this.
Mary Smyth
A wonder, supportive and dedicated mentor who caught me when I was so anxious. I was at the unexplained time of my life. And my world became happy and brighter with all your support and guidance. And my spirits felt lifted and brighter.
I'm a work in progress. But you gave me a gift and I want you to know it is true. And it's a gift I will treasure forever and share my story with others. I truly appreciate your support.
Agatha Morris
I'm so grateful for your help! I really needed this! I got a sea of ways to calm myself even in panic attacks, which sometimes happen to me. I now do practices after the challenge as well. Super works!
I also want to share using these tools I was able to pass my high blood pressure test. They wanted to medicate me but I didn't want medication so I've been going every 2 weeks to get tested. So NO medication 🙏🏽

Stop Worrying Start Living
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5 life-changing CBT tasks
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Not sure? Check your level of anxiety
Take a test to reveal your current anxiety level and provides next steps and recommendations on how to better manage and reduce anxiety.
Turn Your Anxiety Into Self-Care Energy in 4 steps
What You Get
  • 1. Anxiety Relief
    3 daily mind-body practices from your mentor to release anxiety and stress
  • 2. Restructuring of negative thoughts
    3 cognitive-behavioral journals to test and reframe your anxious thoughts
  • 3. Return to the most powerful you
    24/7 mentor support to build healthy self-care habits
  • 4. Take control of your worries
    5 life-changing tasks to recognize yourself, your destructive behavioral patterns and anxiety triggers
Recognize Yourself?
Anxiety About The Future and Health
"It's easier for me to feel anxious than before. I get anxious when my plans are ruined and I don't know what step to take next. I'm anxious when I'm not able to move towards my goals."
Job and Financial Anxiety
"I am anxious about starting my career online. I once was willing to teach and now I m suddenly planning to switch. What would my other colleagues think of me?"
Relationship Anxiety
"I feel anxious about the relationship with my husband, that I'm not good enough at being mother, about financial well-being"
Why Women Love This Challenge
"Your tasks restore my ability to rest pleasantly"
"I've looked at my troubling thoughts from the outside"
"I found out my triggers and learned how to cope with the physical signs of anxiety"
"I got back my life!"
"Practices helped to bring my self to calmness"
"I had some difficult situations (made huge mistake, child illness) and practices provided to me helped me cope with my emotions."
Transform Your Mind With Us
  • Dmitry Dyakov
    PhD Psychology
    CMO, Nalony Therapy
  • Anastasia Marinich
    CBT Mentor
    Nalony Therapy
  • Jane Makarevich
    Motivational Mentor
    Nalony Therapy
Here are the most common questions answered. More questions? Text us here
I don't have any serious symptoms or psychological disorders, would a сhallenge work for me?
The Challenge program is customized for you and includes cognitive and behavioral practices appropriate for any level of anxiety.
How much time is required per day and can it be done during the day?
You will need at least 15 minutes a day at any convenient time. You can also request more practices or do them during the day.
Will my taking antidepressants affect my participation?
We use only proven effective practices in the program. You can safely combine them with taking medication and visits to a psychotherapist.
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