Anxiety Reduction Challenge
for LGBTQ+ People
2-Week May Challenge

CBT practices to deal with anxiety and negative thoughts

weeks for self-help and mindfulness
min a day to build the most peaceful you
Feedback From Participants
  • Mariah Newton Johnson
    Tasks with psychological journals help me look at me and my thoughts from the other side. Like looking in the mirror! Thanks for this amazing experience!
  • Jessica Lynn
    Awesome! Really! Challenge practices became anti-anxiety pills for me that helped me quickly deal with anxiety and disturbing states.
  • Alexa Willson
    Thanks to the instructors! I got a sea of ways to calm myself even in panic attacks, which sometimes happen to me. I now do some practices after the challange as well. Super works! I also re-read my anxiety journal and I feel better.
Let's Learn to Live Skillfully with Your Anxiety
You will boost your skills with our challenge
14 inspiring gifts to restore the ability to rest pleasantly
3 anti-anxiety journals to manage disturbing thoughts
Overcoming Depression
24/7 mentor support to reduce irritability and tension
Resilience to anxiety
5 CBT practices to return to the most powerful you
Positive Thinking
Control Stress
A CBT Journal to test your anxious thoughts
Self Help
50 practices to return to a peaceful you
Not sure? Find Out Your Current Anxiety Level
1. A report of your current anxiety level.
2. Interpretation of results - what it means and how your anxiety affects your perception and daily activities.
3. Recommendations - how you can feel better right now and better cope with everyday anxiety.
After completing the test, you'll receive:
It's free and anonymous. We don't ask for anything in the end.
The assessment reveals your current anxiety level and provides next steps and recommendations on how to better manage and reduce anxiety.
Dmitry Dyakov
Anastasia Marinich
Jane Makarevich
PhD Psychology
Nalony Therapy
Nalony Therapy
Nalony Therapy
It's FREE! Start May 13, 2022
✔ Restore the ability to rest pleasantly
✔ Return to the most powerful you
✔ Look at your troubling thoughts from the outside
✔ Reduce irritability
✔ 15 min a day only

Stop Worrying and Start Living with
2-Week Anxiety Reduction Challenge